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About Us

Preparing Children to Serve Mankind


SR Capital Public School is secondary recognized school. The school was founded by late Dr. Sahab Ram Yadav in 1980 to cater the need of the surrounding area. Therefore, he constituted a society named Priya Charitable Society which started a primary school in Naveen Shahdara. Later in 1987, school was upgraded to class VIII then in year 1996 upgraded to class X. The school has shown excellent results in C.B.S.E. Board examinations. Thousands of students have passed from this school up till now. The students from this school have something in common, their ethics and culture. We believe in unity in diversity and Integrity as one family.


The SR Capital Public School is recognized by the Directorate of Education Govt. of NCT Delhi Upto secondary level. The CBSE results of SRCPS is exemplary from the past 10 years.

The SR Capital Public School is the high performing affordable private school located in North East District the of Delhi. The district is the most densely populated district of India also, the literacy rate of our district is lowest in Delhi. The school is working with the community to make our children literate. The purpose of the school is to educate, empower and enlighten our children to make our district, city, country, and the world a better place. The vision of the school is “Making Leaders Contributing to Humanity”. The school helps students to explore their passion, want to accomplish in their life and how they will contribute the Humanity? The school not only teaches academic education but also the aspects of living a balanced life. The school gives emphasis on value education. We make our students aware of health and fitness, intellectual, emotional and character, family bonding, career, and life vision.

The school by itself has adopted the 17 Sustainable development goals in its curriculum. We are already implementing SDGs and policies of UNESCO in the school. The school organizes various activities and workshops to include skills such as:

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,
Collaboration and Teamwork
Creativity and Imagination

The School organizes its activities through 9 clubs and 5 houses of the students and teachers. The school has inculcated sustainable development goals in its curriculum. The school organizes cultural exchange programs, projects, skits, activities, awareness campaign, and competitions among children.


SR Capital Public School strongly opposes:

Teasing, humiliation or denigration of others, disruptive behavior, victimization, violence, substance abuse, vandalism, offensive language, and harassment of any type including bullying of any type race and sex based harassment. Any situation where a group of students makes life unpleasant of an individual student is particularly offensive and will be dealt with accordingly.

Harassment of staff & students is totally unacceptable at SR Capital Public School.