The aim of education is self-realization and the end of all knowledge should be building up of character. Education enables the child to acquire knowledge through independent efforts and critical examination of ideas. Therefore, SR Capital Public School provides a healthy and positive learning environment to the children where they can grow spontaneously with a strong feeling of I CAN…I AM ENOUGH…I AM PERFECT. We all want our future to be happy and therefore our children should be the happiest ones because they are the future of the country and SR Capital tries to give them genuine happiness to nurture their all-round development by providing all types of co-scholastic activities relevant to different age groups throughout the academic session. The school has divided its classes into five levels- level I comprises Montessori kids, level II comprises of class I & II kids, level III comprises of class III, IV &V, level IV comprises of class VI, VII &VIII and level V comprises of Class IX & X.

Inter House Activities
Apart from this, we have five houses named ARAWVALI, KUMAON, N EELGIRI, SATPURA and VI NDHYA. The house on duty performs its duty of conducting day to day activities in a systematic and disciplined manner. Each house is managed by house in-charges, house captains and prefects. They prepare and select the students for Inter-house competitions which are organized according to our planner by the eight clubs we have in our school. They are LITERARY CLUB, MATHS CLUB, SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB, ECO CLUB, MUSIC CLUB, ART & CRAFT CLUB, SPORTS CLUB and CLEANLINESS CLUB. The heads of these clubs conduct various inter-house competition like debate, extempore, quiz, story-telling, news reading, tongue twister, dumb charades, poem recitation, fancy dress, skits, comedy show, collage making, tangrams ballad and many more in which the students get the opportunity to show their talent and calibre. But the credit of the smooth functioning of the entire network goes to our team of SENATORS. Yes, we have 19 intelligent, smart, and dedicated Senators from class X except 2 our Jr. HEAD BOY & Jr. HEAD GIRL student of class V. They are selected on the basis of their academic result, behaviour, communication skills and their performance in Inter-House and Inter school competitions. After their final selection, a formal Investiture ceremony is held in which the senators are given their badges and they take an oath to set an example to their peers through their conduct and actions.

Zonal Level Achievements

We all know that the world has grown to become more and more competitive by the day and SR Team believes that the remedy lies in making our students strong enough to combat any challenge and for that we prepare our students for Inter-school competitions held at zonal, district, state and national level as well. And every year the results are outstanding. Our students break the records of the previous session. I feel so proud to share that after winning ist position at Zonal and District level competitions, Anurag Poncho! of Class X qualified for State-level English declamation competition and Soumya Chhabra qualified for English Extempore competition at the state level. Udit Gupta and Ayushi Sharma have also qualified for State-level Hindi Aashu Bhashan Pratiyogita. Our Eco club is also up to date. One of our models has been selected for Inspire award at the state level. Two models have been selected in state-level competitions. Five models, slogans and posters have been selected up to central level. Our students have been selected for Science seminar and science debate many times. In national open table tennis, our 4 students have secured V position,1 has secured 2′ position and 3 have secured 3′ position. Our student Ansh Aggarwal has made us proud by qualifying for the International Tykando championship. Our 18 boys and 18 girls have secured positions in Table Tennis at Zonal level. Our student Neha Kohli, Mehak Bonsai and Pratham Mahajan have secured 3’d position in collage making and Slogan writing competition at the district level and Prothom Mahajan has secured ft position in Paper Mache at the state level. In Music and dance, our students have secured 1′ position in patriotic song and instrumental music and 3’d position in folk dance at the zonal level. Naman Rai of our school has secured ist position in semi-classical and Harsh Sharma has got 2″ position in vocal classical at the zonal level. At the district level, SR Capital has secured 2nd position in semi-classical and 3rdposition in patriotic song. The list is endless…Many milestones have been achieved and many still have to be reached.

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